Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Official Stories" ~Liam Scheff

Happy 6th Day of Autism Awareness Month! Is it over yet? No? Damn.

Anyways, several months ago, Dana saw this Youtube video of a guy named Liam Scheff. He was doing these 3 minute "shows" about all these different topics from vaccines to GMOs to "conspiracy theories." His 3 minute video about vaccine moms caught her attention and she sent it to me. You can watch that video and all of his other ones Here. (Beware, language alert!) We were both floored. I'm pretty sure we laughed, cried and got a tad bit hysterical watching it. Someone who not only believes us, but is far more knowledgeable on the subject than we are; unashamed and boldly telling the world the way it is. Having advocates for us, while we are advocating for our kids, is something that really helps keep us going.

Turns out, he is kinda popular in our little subculture and he wrote a book called "Official Stories!" So, we bought it. We skipped ahead and read his chapters about the history of vaccines. Amazing, disgusting, sad, frightening. Just those chapters put me into a bit of an "information hangover" and I put the book down for awhile. Too much truth! Fast forward to now, I have finally picked it back up and am starting from the beginning. It is taking me awhile to get through it because there are so many facts and details, it can be hard to absorb it all with 2 toddlers destroying the house like little monsters. But you MUST.READ.THIS.BOOK. Even if you think you already know everything about his topics, you are wrong. He delves into the story of the JFK assassination, HIV, Shakespeare, the Big Bang Theory and so SO much more. You can find the book online at any bookstore, its also available on Kindle. So, here is the Amazon link to buy the book Here. Please take a look, open your mind and spread the word. Liam also does a lot of travelling for speaking engagements and is a regular on many health related radio talk shows. If you are interested in following his activity, you can find him on Facebook Here. Oh, and don't forget to check out one of his latest projects, the Genticals. A comic about the world's first vaccine injured superheroes. You can see that Right here!

Tomorrow, I promote The Thinking Moms' Revolution.

Real Autism Awareness!

~Cheers! Nicole

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