Saturday, April 11, 2015

Finding Yourself And Owning It

"For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us." Romans 8:18 ESV

This entry is my therapy. It is also a personal message to my friends and family. It is also my plea and hope for anyone reading this going through the journey of discovering who you are in a world of opposite minded people.

I very recently took a 2 month hiatus from Facebook for many reasons. I needed to run away from current vaccine news and proposed exemption law changes; I needed to focus on my children, my home, my schoolwork and myself. Since I met Dana and opened my eyes to the fact that my child was very sick, I've had to question everything I thought I knew about the world: healthcare, food, cleaning products, pollution, politics, my morals, pretty much everything that made up my life. I changed direction in my journey of life from a once pre-nursing student to a current holistic health practitioner student. Seeing my child in pain and constantly confused or angry hurt me on such a deep level, I would have walked thousands of miles on flaming glass to make him better. And with God's amazing grace, I have almost achieved his entire healing. We have a few more hurdles in the way, but I count my blessings each day for the incredible healing he has had in such a short amount of time. So many of my friends in the same situation are not so lucky.

As you can imagine or most likely already know, becoming the mother who is trying to heal or "cure" her child of a mostly thought of behavioral/mental/genetic disorder can bring about some controversy with friends and family, even the ones closest to you. My experience and studying brought out the outspoken advocate within me and I'm quite vocal about what I've learned and what I believe in. I've lost friends and I've lost a lot of respect from people I care about. I've had days where I just sat staring at the lowering friend count on Facebook and cried. It hurts a lot when the ones you love think you're crazy and turn away. It's almost enough to make you question yourself and what you stand for. I've seen it happen to so many of you.

This is when it is time to dig down for your strength. You know who you are and what you stand for. So stand for it. There are so many people like you. For every friend I've lost, I've gained at least 5 more. They understand my journey because they are on it too. They're out there and they are easy to find. I see mothers and fathers going through hell to save their children- Fighting with the school district for a proper education for their child, doing intensive healing protocols to clear out toxins and parasites, battling insurance companies for diagnostic tests and expensive treatments, trying to help their child make friends. They are with you and they want to help and commiserate with you. I owe so much of Elijah's healing to the mothers I've met within the vaccine injury community. The Thinking Moms Revolution was my first step. Their stories are my story and we are a family. This entire community has joined together to not only help heal our children, but advocate for future generations. We are everywhere, speaking out for our medical rights in battles all over the country and world where the government wants to mandate vaccines and force our children to suffer more harm. We have stopped some of these laws in their tracks and continue to fight against the others. We have a voice and unless we use it, our children will not heal.

I will not shut up and I will not stop my fight to make anyone else more comfortable. I have accepted that I have lost friends and will continue to. That's ok. My life will not be measured by my friend count. 

Do not compromise your mission for anybody. Not just for your child, but for yourself. Speak up when you see something wrong and spread your message. You will be laughed at, mocked and ridiculed but it doesn't matter. All that matters is that you don't let them beat you. Your story matters and someone, somewhere will hear it and be changed for the better. Find yourself and own it.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

World Gone Mad!

...Hello? Is this thing on?

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I'm gonna cut to the core of it. I'm afraid.

Some terrible things have happened since my last post. Most people reading this, already know. But for those few who dont, a little back story.

A few months ago, a doctor at the CDC admitted on recordings and in a press release about fraudulent studies that were done on the MMR vaccine back in 2000. They covered up a discovery that the vaccine was causing a massive increase in autism in African American boys. Despite this coming to light, it was neatly swept under a giant rug to protect the people involved in the study. The doctor was given a promotion and the head of the CDC during this time was given a very powerful, new position at Merck. And now the truth has become myth. Twitter has been on fire regarding the CDC Whistleblower, reaching almost a billion tweets. Still, crickets from mainstream.

After this, there were mumps outbreaks at fully vaccinated schools as well as in the NHL, where they are vaccinated as well. Now, we are experiencing a measles outbreak at Disneyland. About 70 people have contracted it so far, some were vaccinated and some were not. While 70 cases is still less than the average number of reports for measles in America per year, it's caused a huge media frenzy. The result of this frenzy is why I am afraid right now.

Social media is exploding with threats against unvaccinated people, mostly kids (even though the adult population of this country is far more undervaccinated than the children are). I've seen terrible comments from grown adults. "Sue them! Jail them! Segregate them! If I get the measles from them, I will (insert violent act here) them!!!" There was a suggestion on the always charming show, The View, today regarding the branding of all unvaccinated people. They should all wear bracelets for identification. What's next, "labor camps?" Is history going to repeat itself in the form of Nazi friggen Germany of all places?

The MMR vaccine's package insert, written by the manufacturer, states that it can shed. Let me say that again. It.Can.Shed. Same with the flu shot, the pertussis shot, the chickenpox shot, and the shingles shot. Here is the problem with segregating unvaccinated individuals (you know, aside from the Nazi thing), is that who will these people start blaming when these outbreaks continue to happen? When all of us cesspooled unvaccinated, undervaccinated, vaccine injured ones are gone...then what? Will the truth finally prevail? That's a steep price to pay.

Our country is supposed to have this thing called freedom of medical privacy. So when we make the choice to not vaccinate or quit vaccinating, it's nobody's business except our own. Bit by bit, that right has been chipped away. Now exemptions are almost impossible to come by in many states, including my own. Here, and many other places, you have to have a doctor sign off on your choice to quit or not vaccinate. My child suffered the WRITTEN SIDE EFFECTS ON THE PACKAGE INSERT of Encephalopathy and Gastrointestinal damage. He was hurt by his vaccines. Many, many, many kids are hurt by their vaccines. The schedule is bloated beyond belief and it's growing. Chornic illness runs rampant in our childrens' generation. They are sick. Not from something treatable, like the flu or pertussis or the measles. From life long chronic diseases that will put a heavy strain on our healthcare system, economy and work force when they reach adulthood.

And now we see the rights being chipped away further. This outbreak has caused a huge tidal wave of hatred towards something people shouldn't be scared of. And now people like me and Dana have to sit in more fear of what will come next. Angry mobs, mandatory vaccination....segregation?! Vaccine injured families suffer every single day as it is. I have friends with children who literally cannot function. Some can't even walk down their stairs unattended because they get grand mal seizures and have fallen down hard enough to be killed. They have no hope for retirement or any savings because every last cent is spent on special diets, therapies, schooling, specialists, you name it. They fear that their children will be sent to live in a secluded facility with minimal care once they die. For the love of God, let these people live in peace from their choices of saving their children from further damage!

So here it is. I'm afraid. I'm afraid of incoherently angry people bullying me, my child and my friends. I'm afraid of what could happen to us if this unfounded fear turns into mass hysteria. It's the measles you guys. No one has died in our first world country from the measles in over a decade. Yes, complications are possible, just like every single disease on the planet including the ones we don't have vaccines for.

The real disease here is the fear. You cannot sit there and claim to be a freedom loving American, and try to force medical procedures on everyone. My child is sick because of these procedures. I make the choice to save him from it. You make your choices. If you want to vaccinate, do it and be confident in your choice enough to believe it makes you and your family safe. I do not fear measles, pertussis, the flu, etc. They are treatable, especially for us. We eat a very clean diet, we supplement for deficiencies, we exercise, we wash our hands, we don't abuse antibiotics, we have strong immune systems. We can survive these illnesses. We cannot survive the onslaught of toxins in those syringes. Our lives, our choices.