Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vaccines, before and after.

I wanted to update you all about my son Keanu.

We began seeing a local Natropathic Physician about 6 weeks ago.  Keanu had been having bouts of OCD, hyperactivity and meltdowns that resulted in him hitting his own head and crying, *more than the usual amount... it was unbearable to endure as his mother.  I prayed she could do something, anything to help him.

We walked into her office and he immediately began zinging all over the room, since he's not conversational, I thought to myself "hmmff, here we go, she will only see this wild behavior and not know how smart he really is" -- I was WRONG. He sat down in her chair, grabbed a blank sheet of her paper and her pen and started to articulate beautiful words and drawings relating to his favorite games and movies. She stood there in awe. She observed his amazing skills and, again, I was WRONG to assume anything about her.

She wrote down her observations and then said: Labs, we need to run labs on his stool and see what his yeast levels and bacteria levels are.

GREAT! I thought! We haven't run labs in about 2 years, let's see!

She also suggested we start some new supplements based on the lab results and off I went with all the tools I needed.

I submitted the lab and it came back with some VERY interesting information.

He is NOT high in yeast, he did however test positive for the Streptococcus bacteria. And we began immediate treatment with new supplements and antibiotics for it.  I was very hesitant to use antibiotics as Keanu's never had them, and hes' 10 now, something I have been very fortunate to say. But, she was so intune with him she must know this protocol well. She was RIGHT, he immediately began to show far less OCD behavior and mood swings. He started to eat better, sleep better and the self injuring has significantly decreased!

Someone recently asked me if I saw him change after his infant/toddler vaccines, which ones and when?

The answer is YES.

What I had was a baby who had a tough beginning of life (lots of mercury exposure with his birth) then he started to progress, made all his developmental milestones until 12 months, began talking, made great eye contact, started eating a huge variety of foods, slept through the night - all to be LOST to an MMR vaccine given at 14 months of age.

I'm certain he was already affected by the building exposures to routine vaccines, but, the MMR is the one that affected him so terribly.

Please share this with anyone who is willing to listen.

 Like most parents, I thought that I HAD to vaccinate my son. I was told that I had to do it; it was good for his health; and that it was bad parenting and illegal if I didn't have him vaccinated. My son was on track developmentally until he had that MMR. He woke up a few days later unable to; speak, recognize my face, tolerate noise, and had no concept of depth perception or danger. I have videos of him before his one year vaccinations-----that boy is gone forever. It breaks my heart to know that people in the CDC knew about these risks and still lied to the public about them. My son is 10 years old now, he suffers alot from gut bacteria, and gastrointestinal problems. Innocent children, like my son, are suffering because of the greed of money.

*Keanu before the MMR vaccine, and after.

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