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Ahh, immunity, we all want that for ourselves and children right? A life free of serious illness or disease....

But, what is so ironic is that the products we are sold for immunity.... have a different form of immunity themselves - they are immune from any responsibility should their product be harmful to us, or worse, deadly.

My son Keanu was diagnosed with autism in 2005.

I can only speak for him, I can only tell you what happened to my child, and I can tell you with no uncertainty, that he changed after every vaccination, and he changed for the worst.

He was a bright, babbling 1 year old baby, he was learning new words, he waved "bye bye" to my husband every time he left for work, he played hide and seek with me all over the house, he mimicked me when I taught him where his eyes, nose and mouth were, he ate a wide variety of foods, he slept through the night, his digestive tract was fine.....until his MMR vaccine at 14 months of age, and a flu shot shortly after (recklessly given to him while he was sick).

He was never the same baby again. But, I continued to follow the recommended vaccine schedule until he was 2 years old, not knowing that vaccines were injuring him neurologically, and he continued to regress in health and development.

He stopped eating, he stopped sleeping through the night, he lost eye contact, never again responded to his name, never mimicked me again, or waved bye-bye, and began a plethora of new, odd behaviors we had never seen before.

I want to tell you that in 2004, when these issues began, I didn't know what Google was, I wasn't on Facebook or Twitter, I had an AOL account for email, I watched the nightly news.... but I never saw any other babies with autism, I had no idea what autism was, because I never knew any kids with autism growing up !

I honestly thought that all baby boys' were this hard, this fussy. I was a new mom, living in a new town with no friends with small kids to compare my toddler with. He had a little cousin who was the same age, but, I thought boys were just so different to girls. She was so much more advanced and I attributed it to gender.

I could see he was sick - but, I had no idea why or what to do.

I became pregnant with our daughter, and he was up all night, so I never slept either, he barely ate, I was so distressed  - I was exhausted and pregnant and watching him spiral out of control.

When I gave birth to Jasmine, my Mother came to help us, it was she who researched his symptoms for me, she was the first to suggest the word 'autism' and it terrified me, I had no idea what it was or what it meant. As frightened as I was, I knew it was true, he showed every sign.

We quickly began our quest for information on how best to help him (with a 2-week old baby in tow)  my Mother found the Generation Rescue website, it explained the connection between vaccines and autism -  and we headed straight for a DAN!
Doctor to help us.
(Physicians who dedicate their practice to helping children injured by vaccines or other environmental insults.)

I believe highly in Biomedical treatments, we have only been able to do them on/off with Keanu due to the financial costs.

It was in 2008 that I was given the name of an Attorney in New York who's son was also affected by vaccines and autism. He was accepting cases for children like my son, at no cost to the families.  I called him immediately.
He agreed that my son had a "very strong case" - but, always maintained that even PERFECT cases will be rejected. We proceeded anyway. We both spent hours of time preparing documentation, I gathered every shred of medical records from the time he was born, all vaccine records, school records, therapists' notes, lab test results stating his high levels of heavy metals (found in vaccines) I got testimonials from every Physician who examined my child (was even escorted OUT of the office of the Dr. who gave him the flu shot.)
I drove all over town getting written statements from many people - I did long phone consults.

This went on from 2008-2013.

We are officially done and we have officially LOST.

My son is now 10. He still has a damaged gut, he still barely eats, he is considered moderately autistic, he is also considered non-verbal. He has no sense of danger, he needs so many therapies, NONE of which are covered by our health insurance.

We are still in the process of being approved for a medicaid waiver for some limited therapies, no approval yet.

So, to think now, all of this from his vaccines, a life so drastically altered forever, from those vaccines. And the vaccine makers are IMMUNE from all liability of damage they caused him.

Please research vaccine safety.
Please research vaccine adverse reactions.
Please do the work that I wish I had done, now that you have the tools and the information.

I will leave you all with this quote by Ginger Taylor (co-author of the book VACCINE EPIDEMIC) as I believe it sums it up perfectly;

"The vaccine industry is a 27 billion dollar per year business. It is as near as you get to the Federal Reserve and the Treasury as a license to print money. Vaccines are marketed and purchased by the US government and vaccine makers are immune from any financial or any other kind of liability when their vaccines kill or maim the American people. If you had a product line that you didn't have to advertise, that every child in the country had to buy (several times) and that you could not be sued for, and that even when one of your products was known to cause widespread death and damage, you could STILL go a decade or more with out having to go to the expense of updating it... how hard would you fight to keep that golden goose a'layin'?"

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