Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Inflammation Nation: Wake up, America

Today, we're going to discuss inflammation. It is the bane of the human body. Let's first look at what inflammation can do, and this is just barely scraping the surface. And then, I'm going to rant. Fair warning :)

Inflammation= Skin issues. Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis.

Inflammation= Stomach issues. Leaky gut, gastroenteritis, yeast overgrowth, bowel problems.

Inflammation= Severe food allergies.

Inflammation= Swollen kidneys.

Inflammation= Lung issues. Asthma, chronic croup, chronic RSV.

Inflammation= Chronic ear infections.

Inflammation= Joint issues. Arthritis of all types (osteo, rheumatoid, gout)

Inflammation= Autoimmune issues. Lupus, Chrohn's, Celiac, Fibromyalgia, Guillain-Burre, Graves, MS, etc, etc, etc.

Inflammation= Brain swelling. Encephalopathy/Encephalitis. Encephalopathy= seizures, myelin damage, SIDS, Autism, ADHD, Shaken Baby Syndrome, major physical and developmental disorders and delays.

As I said, this is just a small sample of inflammation related disorders. Now tell me, how many of these issues can you attribute to your own child? Chances are, at least one or two. Why? Why are we a nation full of inflammation in our bodies? Can we really sit here and say it's "normal" or "genetic?" Did you suffer from these issues as a child? Did your parents? Did their parents? Doubt it. 

It's time we realize where all this inflammation is coming from. It comes from gluten, aluminum, preservatives, MSG, pesticides, thimerosal, aspartame, formaldehyde, fetal bovine serum, human diploid cells (aborted fetus), yeast protein and so, so much more. Everything I just listed can be found in either our current food supply or in the ingredients were are shooting our kids up via vaccinations. You can find the CDC's list of vaccine ingredients Here. Scary stuff, am I right? Oh, and lets not forget the organ damage from all that tylenol we're pumping our kids with for every tiny fever. 

Have you taken a look at our current CDC vaccine schedule? It's quite insightful. I'm willing to bet it's at least double or more the size it was when you were a child. I was a 90's child. Graduated high school in 2005. My vaccine records show 16 doses of vaccines total. My son had 37 doses of vaccines by the age of 3. Yes, his brain sure did react to those inflammatory ingredients. Your child's body probably has, too, if not in his or her brain, then in other areas. Every single disease and disorder I mentioned above is a common "vaccine injury." 

So what are you going to do about it? Well, that's up to you. But here comes my rant. Are you ready? 

RANT: It's time to start taking personal responsibility for what we put in our bodies, especially our childrens' bodies. Stop shifting that job onto pediatricians and other doctors. They don't care or possibly even realize that all this inflammation is connected. It's not their job to make these decisions for you, so stop letting them. Don't make the mistake of having complete trust in doctors and government officials who profit from the pushing of these vaccines and poisoned food. The CDC cannot be unbiased in their job of promoting vaccines and being in charge of vaccine safety. Conflict of interest? Chya, big time. 

It's time to put our big girl and boy undies on, open up some vaccine inserts found Here, and do our OWN research. KNOW what you are putting in these tiny bodies and what can happen when you do it. I cannot make you do this. I cannot spoonfeed the risks and death numbers into your brain for you. It's tedious, it's frightening, it's maddening and you will want to run away from it. Don't. Almost every child in America is dealing with the effects of our refusal to see the truth. Almost every child is dealing with inflammation somewhere in their precious bodies. Save them. 

Inflammation Nation, we must change. 1 in 88 children on the spectrum and growing. They cannot wait. 

Cheers. -Nicole 

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