Friday, March 29, 2013

Candida: The Yeast Beast, Plan of Action

This is for all vaccine injuries!

We all know what yeast is. We've heard of yeast infections and thrush in babies. But what does it have to do with vaccine injured kids? Just about everything! Here is a very basic overview. To really get into this topic, you need to sit down and do hours of research and decision making.

What is Candida overgrowth? describes it as:

 "Candida (technically called Candida albicans) is a microorganism in the category of yeast, fungi and mold.  It is normal for it to live in small amounts in the digestive system and on other body surfaces.  However, under certain circumstances it will invade into deeper tissues and organs where it doesn’t belong, such as the liver and kidneys, and become very abundant.  Once it gets that far, it entrenches itself as fungi do (think of how hard it can be to get rid of athlete’s foot or a fungal toenail).  The yeast produces certain chemicals and affects cell functions in ways that create many symptoms, some of which can become serious.
The term “Candida” refers to the general overgrowth of various fungi and yeasts in the body, which flourish under certain circumstances to the point of causing illness.  Candida albicansappears to be the most prominent of these microbes."

Candida overgrowth is a common problem in most of the population of the United States. It is linked to everything from depression to thyroid issues. Many studies have shown that children with autism and ADHD have high levels of yeast in their gut. This is a problem for them because it can trigger OCD, meltdowns and other behavioral issues. It is also linked to that pesky study from Dr. Wakefield regarding "leaky gut." He found vaccine strain measles in the linings of the inflamed intestinal tracts of many children with autism. His work has since been recreated many times. He was not crazy and he was not wrong. And it makes sense when you think about how hard it can be for so many of our kids to pass regular bowels movements.  

So how do we stop the yeast from growing and spreading? We stop feeding it. Yeast feeds on sugar and gluten. This is why so many of us follow a gluten free diet. Overgrowth is also connected to taking too many antibiotics. Got an ear infection? Put some garlic oil drops in and infection will be gone within a day or 2 and you'll smell like a salad dressing :) 

There are a lot of great resources out there regarding this topic. This is a great place to start your research about yeast overgrowth. There are a ton of books about combating yeast and other dietary tips for kids with Autism, ADHD and other disorders. If you have a child with severe allergies, chances are, you're already following a yeast free diet. If your child has asthma, it might be worth looking into as well; there have been links made to asthma and gluten intolerance. To put it simply, we can pretty much treat all vaccine injuries in much the same ways.  

Personally, we have been doing a poor job of fighting the Yeast Beast. I thought we were doing so well with just cutting sugar and gluten from our diet. Technically, this should help a lot, and it did. However, let's be real. He is a 4 year old kid with autism and sensory issues. He only eats so much and I can get pretty desperate just to make the kid eat. We slip up a lot. A LOT. We need more help.

So here is our new challenge and I want to document it with you all as we go with weekly updates. We will be trying some new methods of yeast prevention and killing. Killing the yeast and bad bacteria in the gut is not a fun process. It will make meltdowns, OCD, etc. get worse before it gets better. The road can be a very long and exhausting one for the entire family. I am praying our stubbornness and willpower will survive this journey. I am starting with all gluten free food and cutting out dairy and sugar. I will also be using probiotics and grapefruit seed extract. So here we go!

Do you have any tips or advice that have worked well for yourself or your child? Please share in the comments or write out a guest blog post and email it to me at If you have things to share, we want to hear it.

Wish us luck! We will need it!


Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. Ask yours if yeast killing is right for your child. 

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